Year round swim suit season is daunting. While the sun may be shining we’re just like the folks that endure those wretched winters. We over-indulge through the holidays and throw on an extra layer or two to cover the fluff. Well, it’s time to lose the bulge! We’re not talking  boot camp, just reminding everyday activities that will shed a few pounds.

Spring Cleaning: Vacuuming, dusting, and rearranging that closet can burn up to 150 calories in just thirty minutes. Even more if you like to groove while you clean. Oh, and letting the laundry pile up makes for an even better workout. Yeah, that’s why we did that. Load up your basket, hold it in front of your body, and turn at the waist for optimal calorie burning.

Gourmet Cooking: We already know that pouring dinner out of a box isn’t healthy. Not only do you consume more preservatives eating it you burn less calories preparing it. If you spend just 30 minutes in your kitchen chopping veggies you can unload at least 75 calories. Bonus points for using a whisk instead of a mixer. That’s just the prep work. Putting a little elbow grease into washing the pots and pans will burn another 75 calories.

Go Shopping: Whether you’re looking for new sweatpants or groceries, shopping means walking! Instead of circling the lot ten times to get a “rockstar” spot try parking as far away from the entrance as possible. Regular old walking can shed up to 120 calories in less than thirty minutes. Pick up the pace and take the stairs to optimize your burn.

Hit The Beach: Be it on pavement or a treadmill running is super hard on your joints. However, with a simple stroll on the beach you can score a pedicure and burn more calories than pounding the pavement. You’ll tone your calves quicker too! Just remember, a walk on the beach should be relaxing so bend over and pick up a shell or two. Bonus points for the stretching.

H2O Is The Way To Go: Swimming is by far the best form of exercise. A steady pace burns more calories than stairs, running, or cardio and it’s easy on the joints. You don’t need to be in the water to make the most of it though. Kayaking is both cathartic and beneficial. It works your inner core, back and shoulder muscles, and helps to tone your arms. Kayaks are pretty lightweight but lugging the equipment around will help you burn some extra calories.

Gardening: For some it’s a hobby, for others torture, but gardening is a calorie burner for everyone. An hour of yard work can vanquish up to 400 calories!

Take advantage of your every day and don’t wait for visitors to make the most of your backyard. No matter your activity remember to hydrate. We know when you’re doing something you enjoy it’s easy to forget that you’re exercising too. Before you know it you’ll be shopping for a new suit!